Monthly Meetings

Our business meetings start at 7:00pm on the last Tuesday of the month, at the Kozy Korner Restaurant, 371 Columbia Blvd., St. Helens.  Come early to get a bite to eat, socialize, and meet your neighbors!

Have questions, or comments? Please contact our Chair, Greg Pettit, at or 503-333-7768.

Hope to see you there!

Resolution for Impeachment of President Trump

Whereas, the Constitution prescribes the remedy for a president who is suspected of treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors, namely, impeachment by the House and trial by the Senate, and

Whereas,the Constitution explicitly forbids the President to receive gifts or favors from foreign governments that benefit the President financially, and 

Whereas, President Trump continues to benefit from foreign diplomats visiting his hotels and luxury retreats, among other abuses of the emoluments clause, and